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The distribution box (cabinet) is suitable for temporary use in construction site and outdoor. It should meet the requirements of distribution and protection of "three level distribution, two level leakage protection, one machine, one gate, one leak and one box". Distribution box and switch box (cabinet), material selection, production process, the power components selection, configuration should comply with the relevant national standards, and the Ministry of construction "11th Five-Year" provisions of the promotion of application of science and technology, the product should be certified by CCC.

Distribution rooms should be arranged in accordance with the following requirements:

(a) the operating channel distribution cabinet front width, single row layout or double row back-to-back arrangement not less than 1.5m, double row layout to face not less than 2m;

(two) distribution cabinet behind the maintenance of channel width, single or double row layout layout to face not less than 0.8m, double row back-to-back arrangement of not less than 1.5m, individual place has the building structure is projected in the place, the channel width can be reduced 0.2m;

(three) the width of the maintenance channel on the side of the distribution cabinet is not smaller than 1m;

(four) the distance between the roof of the distribution room and the ground is not lower than 3m.

The distribution box should be erected in accordance with the following requirements:

(a) the fixed type distribution box and switch box vertical distance from the center point and ground 1.41.6m. The vertical distance between the mobile box and the ground is 0.8 - 1.6m. The distribution box and the switch box should be installed on the sturdy and stable support.

(two) the distribution box and the switch box must be double layer shelter in the falling radius of the building or the rotating radius of the tower crane arm, and take the isolation measures.

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