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"Distribution box", also called a distribution cabinet, is the general name of the motor control center. According to the electrical wiring requirements, switchgears, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary devices are assembled into closed or semi enclosed metal cabinets or screen panels, which constitute a low-voltage distribution device.

Use of the distribution box

It is easy to manage, and it is beneficial to repair when the circuit fault occurs. Distribution cabinet and distribution cabinet distribution board distribution by the same, is the centralized installation of switches, instruments and other equipment.

The commonly used distribution box has two kinds of wood and iron plate system. Now the electricity consumption is very large, so it is still more used for iron. The use of the distribution box: of course, it is convenient to stop, send electricity, measure and judge the function of stopping and sending electricity.

The structure of the distribution box is divided into two parts

One is a complete set of components, that is, the shell of the distribution box and its related accessories.

The two is the electrical components and related accessories, that is, the air switch and the accessories they need.

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