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Dongguan Keiyip Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint-venture enterprise, with a well-established sophisticated quality control system. We were awarded the ISO 9002:1994 certificate in 1998. Following an improvement in our quality control system, we were awarded the ISO9001: 2000 certificate in 2001. To guarantee the quality and safety of our products, we take stringent quality control in the course of production:


1.      Quality assurance:


According to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standard, the whole process, including purchasing, production, sale and post-sale service, is under strict quality control policies outlined below:


a)      Purchasing quality Assurance


i) Control of the supply channel - Choose the best suppliers

With regard to the main raw materials and components (Grade A, B material), we always purchase from domestically or internationally acclaimed brands. All dealers must be premium dealers; e.g. we use Zinc electrogalvanized steel plates manufactured by Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. We estimate all suppliers and record their achievement every year, and only qualified suppliers are listed on the ‘Qualified Suppliers List’. Grade A, B material must be purchased from the listed suppliers.


ii) Establish a sophisticated purchasing inspection system

The Quality Control Department employed specialists as purchasing inspectors. These inspectors check all the incoming components or materials. Only qualified materials or components are sent into warehouses and used for manufacturing.


b)      Production quality assurance


In the course of manufacturing, we undertake quality control by self-check, mutual check and specialized check. Whenever we find quality problems, we adopt the ‘3-Never-Pass-Principle’ – the products will never pass the quality control if the problems are not yet solved, never pass if the improvements are not yet adopted, never pass if the persons in charge have not yet learnt from the problems. We also set up a quality database and ‘standard-quality’ estimation system to undertake statistical analysis. Products that do not meet the standard-quality will be rejected by ‘quality-veto’. Meanwhile, we always keep an eye on the latest manufacturing methods. We invest in high-tech processing equipments. We have experienced PE engineers to carry out training and inspection to ensure that the process quality is in good condition.


c)      End product screening


All end products from our company must be examined by our qualified specialized inspectors. Only qualified products are stored or put on sale. The related technical information (e.g. blueprint, test report, user manual, etc.) and quality assurance are appended. To ensure the quality of our quality control, we train and test our inspectors regularly. In addition, the Quality Control Department randomly checks our products to eliminate any unqualified products.


d)     Post-sale service quality assurance


Our Planning and Marketing Department has set up a specific Post-sale Service Team to undertake a research on customers’ satisfaction. The team also collects advice from clients and handles complaints. We send technicians to provide on-site training and real-time technical support. When the project is finished, we send technicians again to ensure that the project has passed the final test by power supply company. When the products are in use, we offer technical instruction of usage and maintenance. If a quality problem is found, we will handle it immediately and offer maintenance service.


2.     Safety assurance


The safety of our products is always our first concern. We adopt effective methods to ensure that our production, including product design, manufacturing, inspection, and wrapping, fulfill all product safety standards.


Besides functional inspection, we pay extra attention to safety inspection. The standards of our busbar gap and arch distance are much higher than that required by the national standards. All products must be able to pass the primary and secondary injection test, continuality test and mega test, etc.

With regard to wrapping and transportation, we wrap our products in waterproof and humidproof film with anti-collision cardboard. To ensure the products’ safety during transportation to working sites, we transport our products by our own vehicles.


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