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With the acceleration of China's national economic development, the gross national product is also increasing. This also shows that the scale of China's industrial enterprises is gradually expanding, and the power system structure of enterprises is also improving. In the operation of high voltage electrical equipment, how to prevent the operation of high voltage electrical equipment is out of order because of failure. This is an important issue for all staff members to think about. Based on the development of industrial electrical equipment, this paper analyzes the measures to be taken in electrical equipment maintenance and inspection, so as to promote the rapid development of enterprises.

The production and operation of all kinds of factories in China are mainly completed by a variety of large electrical equipment and mechanical equipment. The type of electrical equipment and quality vary, this Yin on electrical equipment maintenance and management is a professional and complicated work. In actual operation, maintenance of electrical equipment will be more complex, the need for power maintenance managers to grasp the power of professional knowledge, sufficient knowledge of electrical equipment of the situation, so as to make the maintenance work to achieve a reasonable, scientific, clear objectives, and promote the improvement of high voltage electrical equipment maintenance process.

The equipment in the high voltage distribution system includes fittings, supporting insulators, busbars, arresters, voltage transformers, current transformers, isolating switches, high-voltage switches, etc. Under the normal operation of the system, these system equipment should run smoothly and complete the distribution task. And improve the maintenance work can ensure the normal operation of high voltage power distribution system, the main maintenance requirements: first through the operation and maintenance of SCADA data acquisition and monitoring, so as to ensure the given condition parameters of the power distribution system can reach the normal state; secondly through the implementation of maintenance DSM and LM is used to improve the load curve under normal conditions, to avoid excessive load caused by violation of the inequality constraints in the peak time; after the implementation of maintenance can be done in the normal condition, DMS through the voltage / reactive power optimization and load balancing to reduce network loss, and promote the smooth operation of the distribution system.  Finally, the mechanical calculation of the maintenance in different stress state and weather condition is completed. The safety factor should not be lower than the specified value in order to avoid a safety accident. In the normal operation of high voltage distribution system, maintenance work needs to ensure that its design and implementation contents can maintain normal work, and it can also make the distribution system secure. While the actual distribution system maintenance, also need to take into account the normal operation of the system, to make the most reasonable, the most comprehensive maintenance scheme.

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